The Points

Points are awarded to all participants on a sliding scale based on total participants. The more players that participate in a given tournament, the more points that are up for grabs and the more money that will be contributed to the year-end payout pool. Total points available range from 960 total points and 141 points for first place in a 16 player draw, to 3,600 total points and 270 for first place in a 56 player, two shift draw. Double points will be awarded at the season finale Invitational Event. A spreadsheet summarizing the current standings of both men's and women's participants below.


Grand Prix Points will be awarded after each tournament based on each players finish per the Grand Prix Points Grid. One of the trade offs inherent in a 4.5 hour format, is there will not be time to break ties on the court. Furthermore, with split shifts, ties may occur between the shifts (see multiple shfits points below).

Multiple Shift Points:

In order to accommodate more players, multiple shifts are offered. If multiple shifts are run, results will be combined to create an overall finish for the event. In the case of perfect ties (3-0. +9 vs 3-0, +9), the tie will be broken by the players total points in the series i.e. the more and better you play, the more love you will get in a "tie scenario". In the case of an imperfect tie (3-0, +15 vs 3-0, +9), the player with the best point differential will be awarded the higher overall finish.

Qualifier Points:

If a third "qualifier" shift is run, the participants will receive a separate ranking, i.e. we will not combine Main Draw and Qualifier results for a power ranking. A player who has participated in both Main Draws and Qualifiers will have two power rankings. This will create more "movement" with the bottom 10 Main Draw and Top 10 Qualifier participants.

Total Points:

Total points will reflect a sum of each players top finishes adjusted for each players two worst finishes based on the following:

• 10 tourneys...........standings based on best 7, bottom 3 are not included.
• 9 tourneys.............standings based on best 7, bottom 2 are not included.
• 8 tourneys.............standings based on best 6, bottom 2 are not included.
• 7 tourneys.............standings based on best 5, bottom 2 are not included.
• 6 tourneys.............standings based on best 5, bottom 1 is not included.

Ties at the end of the season:

In the event of a tie, points will be added in for an additional tournament, i.e. if the series includes 10 tourneys and points are based on the top 7 finishes, we will take the top 8 finishes to break any ties. In the event there is still a tie, prize money for the two tied players will be combined and split proportionately.

Downloadable Points Grid (LINK)