The Format

The Colorado Winter Beach Series is a King/Queen of the Beach tournament series. Players will compete in 7 events throughout the winter with points awarded for each finish. The more players that participate, the more points up for grabs and the more cash contributed to the end of the season prize pool. At the end of the season, cash and prizes will be distributed to the top players. The format includes 4 players per net and 3 rounds of play for a total of 9 games in approximately 4 hours. This means some brutal cuts as we whittle it down to the top four players. Every point matters, so play nice... but be relentless!

In and Out:

The idea is to get in nine games and get out the door in about 4.5 hours. Winter Beach Series games will include 3 rounds of King/Queen of the Beach round robin play for a total of 9, 21 point games. Participants will basically play doubles for 4 straight hours, so show up hydrated, well fed, and ready to roll.

The Food:

Events will include a $5 coupon good for items on the Menu.

Straight Draws:

Most will be straight draws; meaning each pool will be filled according to seed based on each players power ranking. (example: in a 24 person draw, pool 1: 1,12,13,24 pool 2: 2,11,14,23 pool 3: 3,10,15,22 pool 4: 4,9,16,21, pool 5: 5,18,17,20 Pool 6: 6,7,18,19.) Rounds 2 and 3 will be re-seeded from the previous rounds results until the field is spread between 6 nets for the final round with players on net 1 competing for 1st-4th place, and players on net 6 competing for 21st-24th place! The first round will have players of all levels, and by the final round, players should have great games with players of your level.

Main Draws (2 shifts):

The main draw (split into two 4.5 hour shifts) will consist of a total 48 individuals (24 per shift). They will compete in two shifts with players split evenly between the shifts based on power rank. The main draw will be filled with the best 48 players registered, which is based on power rank. Deadline for them is 12:00pm on Monday prior to each event. Up to 4 berths will be filled with qualifier winners or "back-up" players from previous events. Main draw players are competing for Grand Prix points and a prize pool at the end of the season.

Qualifier Draws (1 or 2 shifts):

The qualifier (1 or 2 shift) will be comprised of an additional 24 (Island) or 28 (Oasis) players. This shift will be filled first come, first served (outside the top 8 ranked, which are guaranteed). The top four players from the Qualifier draw will receive an automatic berth in the next main draw. Qualifier participants receive prizes at each event.

Grand Prix Points and Power Rankings:

Grand Prix Points will be awarded based on each players finish per the Grand Prix Points Grid. These points add up throughout the season to earn players prizes and an invitational tourney berth. Players also create their power ranking which is based on there average finish in these events. (see Rules: Seedings). There are separate power rankings for qualifier players.

The Series:

Players can play in one event, or all of them, whatever fits your winter schedule. The more you play, the better your chances at the Grand Prix $$$ at the end of the season.

Total Points:

Total points will reflect a sum of each players top finishes adjusted for each players two worst finishes based on the following: